Dawn Felicia Knox is an artist and curator working across mediums and disciplines. She uses photography, paint, found objects, sound and sculpture to create multi-layered work that reinterprets archives and found narratives bringing them into a wider discussion about art, science, myth and identity. She is a process driven artist drawn to the performative nature of making. Working in collaboration with scientists, academics and other artists, she is drawn to the parallels in processes and investigative techniques often creating work that blurs the lines between intent, process and outcome.

Her work often results in interventions in museums and institutions. She has sited her work in the Great North Museum, the Rotunda Museum in Scarborough, the school of museum studies in Leister and the Castle Keep Newcastle. Her work as been installed at York St. Mary’s, the Baltic as well as projected across derelict mines and the 200 feet high cliffs of the Yorkshire Coast. She worked with English Heritage to create Working the Stasis which resulted in three interlinking exhibitions that explore the tension between objects and the biological processes that work to degrade them. Currently she is delivering Unearthing, a multidisciplinary exploration of liminality, displacement and toxicity held within our build and unbuilding environment. 

Dawn can be contacted at dawn@dawnfelicia.com.